The Most Comfortable Earbuds


The Most Comfortable Earbuds You'll Ever Own

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AirBuds specially designed memory foam tips provide the ultimate in comfort and high-end noise cancellation.
With Smart Microphone technology and a premium sound quality - you'll be hard pressed to find a better earbud.

The Most Comfortable Earbuds

Squeeze and Place

Guaranteed to fit any ear

Fit-all, ergonomic design

Expandable, comfort foam to prevent soreness and irritation

Heats up to match your body temperature

Light, compact and smooth

Durable, tangle-free, flat cable


High Quality Sound

Crisp and sharp sounds for a premium audio experience

Large frequency response range with extra audio sensitivity

Memory foam tips provide audio isolation from unwanted, outside noise

Airtight seal allows for lower and safer listening


Smart Mic Technology

Hands Free

Built in microphone

Answer/End Calls

Change Tracks

Play/Pause Audio

Compact Design


Works with...

Phones: iPhones, iPods, Blackberry, Samsung, HTC

Tablets: iPads, Microsoft, Kindle

Notebooks and Laptops


Plus most other devices


Ideal for people that are…

Frequent Flyers

Smartphone Users

Have Sensitive Ears

Into Fitness

Daily Commuters

Music, Podcast & Audiobook lovers

Airbud002 Clear


Compact design
Hands free
Memory foam
High-end audio
Fits all ears
Airtight seal
Built in mic
Smart Mic Tech
Extra earbuds
Tangle-free cable
100% Refund
Standard Earphones


Technical Details



90dB +/- 3dB


16Ω +/- 15%


Frequency Response:


Plug Type:
3.5mm (TRRS)


Cable Length:

As Seen In

Tech Savvy Mama - “Gone are the days of ill-fitting earbuds that fall out”
Tablets Of Tomorrow - “Works great in the gym and when you’re running.”
Ladies Gadgets - “AirBuds are the most comfortable earbuds out there”
Guys Gab - “They truly back up their claim as being ‘The Most Comfortable Earbuds’.”
Geek Helping Hand - “I’ve never tested earbuds that fit into my ears so well”

Customer Reviews

Our Amazon customers love AirBuds! Check out our Amazon Reviews Here.

    1. 5stars 5 out of 5 By Lillie F.

      I was a bit skeptical at first, because I have tried SO MANY earbuds and they start out being comfortable, but after the 1st hour they start to irritate my ears. I am a college student, so I spend a lot of time with my earbuds in while studying. I have tried Bose, Klipsch, Apple, and a host of other earbuds that usually give me a headache from the pressure on my ear canals after a while. THESE DIDN’T! These are the first earbuds I’ve been able to wear for 8 hours straight with NO discomfort. They are awesome at blocking out sound, too, another plus for a college student on a noisy campus. They are affordable (the Bose and Klipsch earbuds cost well over twice this price) and the sound is great.
      Thank you for making an awesome product, and keep up the good work!

    1. 5stars 5 out of 5 By Pete VanOcker

      Best headset for flying! Very comfortable and I can’t hear any annoying babies on the flight. I keep a spare in my luggage in case anything happens.

    1. 5stars 5 out of 5 By Cameron “Deezel” Waterhouse

      These Airbuds are better than the classic Disney series about that ballin dog, and he has serious skills!! They have great sound, awesome bass and a very handy mic/cord controls. Plus they are ridiculously comfortable, honestly if you could listen to music through clouds I bet it would be more UNcomfortable then Airbuds. However, my favorite feature is probably the shockless cord, which is great for hiking, running biking and simply just rocking out. These features plus the amazing customer service and deals from the Airbuds family makes them the only earphones to even consider. I cant wait to cop the Gun metal pair to really turn my swag on!

    1. 4stars 4 out of 5 By Marion

      Comfortable fit, cant wait to try them out on the airplane. the sound isolation is excellent and i dont even notice in my ears

    1. 5stars 5 out of 5 By Ann Grey

      AWESOME! My runs are so much better now that I can block out the traffic noise. Thanks airbuds!


30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

AirBuds are guaranteed to be the most comfortable earbuds you own. If you are not satisfied with the comfort level of our earbuds please send them back within 30 days for a full, 100% refund. If you are having any issues whatsoever, we encourage you to contact us and our personable customer service representatives will help.


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The Most Comfortable Earbuds

5stars Customer Reviews

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