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Do Your Part to Make the Roads Safer

Do Good Have Fun AirBudsIn a recent blog post, we discussed the dangers of distracted driving and how AirBuds’ hands-free Smart-mic can help minimize that distraction. With so many injuries and accidents being caused by using cell phones while driving, we feel it is important for us to encourage our customers to keep this subject in mind every time they get behind the wheel of a car. After our last post, some of you asked for suggestions on other hands-free products that can help keep you safer and more alert on the road. Our AirBuds are ideal for hands-free talking and microphone use, but we realize that when it comes to things like navigation, you need something more. That’s why we’re recommending this great Universal Phone Car Mount from our friends at Do Good Have Fun.

Like us, the people at Do Good Have Fun strongly believe in the importance of safe driving. By using hands-free devices while driving, you’re able to sit back and enjoy your ride safely. Not only is your ride less stressful and more fun, but you’re also making the road a safer, happier place for everyone. Their Universal Phone Car Mount is perfect for navigation and music play and is quick and easy to use. Best of all, they’re offering AirBuds customers 20% off when they use the coupon code ‘AIRBUD20’ at checkout. Just another way for you to stay safe and feel comfortable, wherever you go.

*AirBuds does not benefit from the sale of this product in any way and takes no responsibility for anything involving this product. We simply just wanted to show you a great product that fits well with our views on safety

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