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For The Love Of Music: Music Reccomendations Based On Heart Rate


Anyone who has ever been to a gym can tell you that exercise and music go hand in hand. Wouldn't it be great if our bodies could tell our iPods which song to play based on our intensity and goals of a workout? MusicalHeart thinks so... and has created a hardware software bundle that can do just that.

Say goodbye to annoying heart rate monitors and trying to create the perfect playlist for a high intensity workout. MusicalHeart has created earbuds that read your heart rate, activity level and context (no more chest straps) and communicate that information to your listening device. After your device gets this information, the MusicalHeart application translates this into a song choice based on your workout goals. Whether trying to reach new goals or maintain old ones, this application can assist in any fitness situation.

As seen in the diagram, MusicalHeart uses different algorithms to be as accurate and helpful as possible. Although this product is still in the testing phase, expect to hear more about it when it is debuted during the 10th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensing in Toronto next month.

For what is sure to be a successful and industry changing product, I can appreciate the academic approach used in its creation and marketing. Now lets just hope the earbuds are comfortable enough to wear during the workout!

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