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MICO headphones choose music based on your mood

(Air-Buds.Com) - Imagine making your morning commute and never having to take your phone out of your pocket to change the song you're listening to. Introducing NICO headphones, a headphone that reads brain-waves and chooses songs based on the listeners mood. Neuroware is demoing these groundbreaking headphones this week at SXSW, giving the public a chance to see what music their brain wants them to listen to.

MICO takes the decision-making out of choosing songs and leaves it up to brain activity to dictate what track your smartphone will choose. Neuroware's product claims "Music Inspiration from your Subconscious" and MICO provides just that. As you place the headphones on, there is a brain-wave scanner that goes over the users forehead. The only other step is to install the smartphone app and sit back as your mind chooses a song from the NICO database. Although the database currently sits at only 100 songs, expect this to grow exponentially as this technology is ready for the public.

Initial tests have proved successful, but critics, although impressed by the technology's capability, are questioning the logic of the device. I, like many other listeners, use music as a way to change a current mood or feeling. For example, if I am angry I usually like to listen to something soothing and not angry sounding music. I feel confident that Neuroware will take this into account and have different settings where you can choose an opposing mood or other situational settings.

Currently, this device is a fun toy that lets users explore newly developed technology. I am sure as the technology advances, we will see many other useful devices that use our body and mind as controls.

Check out this great video, compliments of, that shows the prototype of this product:

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